TERRA VIVA is a five piece band based in South East London founded by Angelina Luzi and Devid Dell' Aiera born to discover its Italian roots. What started as a double bass and voice duo unexpectedly developed into a full band with a unique sound.  The social and political topics touched by their lyrics continue to be delivered by their music aimed to make you dance with infectious grooves that span from gipsy to Italian folk, rock and world music.  Terra Viva is currently in the process of recording their debut album due to be released in early 2020.

Devid Dell' Aiera

Bass Player

Devid Dell' Aiera is TERRA VIVA's co-founder,  bass player,  backing vocalist and songwriter. Born in Italy on the Italian shores of Lugano lake and now based in London.

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Alex Paton

Mandolin, Trumpet, Bouzouki 

Alex Paton is TERRA VIVA's multi instrumentalist, songwriter and backing vocalist.  Alex is  London based musician and composer. 

For more info head to: www.alex-paton.com

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Alessandro Gugel


Alessandro is TERRA VIVA's guitarist extraordinaire, backing vocalist and composer from Italy and now London based.


Matteo Ricordo


TERRA VIVA's drummer, percussionist , arranger and life of the party  :)  from Alassio Italy, now based in London.

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Angelina Luzi

Singer Front Woman

Angelina is TERRA VIVA's front woman, co-founder, singer and songwriter. Born in Fano,  Italy,  from Italian father and English mother, now based in London.

To know more about Angelina head to: www.angelinaluzi.com

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